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Covid-19 (Coronavirus) How to communicate with OBC 

Update 25/4/2020

As a church we want to make sure that we are able to offer you the best support and care possible as we journey through these uncertain times. To do this we need you to help us understand the level of support that is needed.

OBC has a Facebook page with regular stories, updates and talking points so we can all remain closly contacted in a virtuall world. We have a new YouTube channel where services, preayer meetings and other videos will be regualay posted, and live events hosted, to help the Church continue even with out meeting. Old Sermons are availible on our podcast service to listen to again plus we have a support line for those who need to speak.

 OBC Support Line: 07716915972 

If you are isolating, alone, unwell, concerned or in need of practical support from the church or you know someone that is, we want you to call this number (even if you have posted on Facebook or other media). In doing this the leadership of the church will be able to build up a clear picture of the needs that exist and how we can manage our resources to offer the best support possible. Please use the OBC support line number as it will be monitored at all times even is the church office is closed. The office emails and church phone numbers can then be kept available for other church business.

Your call will be dealt with in one of three ways:

1. If you are part of our church family and in our ‘connect group’ structure we will ask your connect group to organise your ongoing support and care where it is possible.
2. If you are not in this first group we will either pass you forward to our team of ‘listeners’ who will keep in contact with you for friendship and support or
3. We will pass you to our group of ‘helpers’ who will do their best to support you with your practical needs.

If you know someone who is not able to use the internet and access our website or social media feeds please make sure that they know this number and encourage them to contact us if they would like our help.


Please continue to follow the latest guidelines as issued by the government 

to try to minimise your risk. We look forward to being able to meet together in the future.


In the bible (1 Peter chapter 5, verse 7) we read these words: ‘Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.’ In these uncertain and worrying times may you find peace, comfort and strength through the God who cares for you.